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It was great to see the first full carnival back after a few years

These are the songs I have recognised, any corrections please post below :)

Bridgwater Committee Guy Fawkes Formula 1 Theme Brian Tyler
Griffens/ Bridgwater Jubilation Celebration Overtones
Hillview Children of the revolution Revolution T-Rex
Cobra Over the Rooftops Step in Tine Mary Poppins
Lime Kiln Atlantica Blue Monda Sebastian Bohm
Eclipse Top Nun Danger Zone Kenny Loggins
2R's Disco Fever D.I.S.C.O. Ottwan, Stayin' Alive Bee Gees
Centurion Qingzhu Morning of the dragon Miss Saigon
Cary Comedians Ship-faced Drunken Sailor Irish Rovers
Wills At the museum Final Discovery James Dooley
Bridgwater YM Are we Human Human Killers
Toppers Thundervike Thunderstruck AC/DC
Newmarket Men in tights Men in tights Merry Men Singers Hummie Mann
One Plus One Down but not out Tow Truck Kids Channel
Gorgons Tattered Sails No Music at Bridgwater
Masqueraders Masquerade Masquerade Andrew Lloyd Webber
Globe Samba Disco Samba Part ii Hermes House Band
Marina Sydenham Outlaws and Outsiders Outlaws & Outsiders Cory Marks
Huckyduck When movies were movies Movies were movies Mack and Mabel
Gemini Gangster Grannies Bad to the Bone George Thorgood, Bad Michael Jackson
Harlequin Home on the Range (You ain't) Home on the range
Sidvale Van Helsing- Vampire Hunter Legends are Made Sam Tinnesz
Crusaders Clockwork What you waiting for? Gwen Stefani
Cavaliers Showboat Proud Mary Glee
Pentathalon Traveling Funfair ?
Ramblers I wanna rock We will rock you Queen
Nunsford Nutters Walk like a dinosaw Walk the Dinosaur Queen Lafita
Aliens Alice Wonders What you waiting for? Gwen Stefani
Wick Kusafiri (Wild Safari) Africa Ndlovu Youth Choir
Oasis Up in the air Walking in the Air Howard Blake
Xtreme Come Alive Come Alive Year's and Year's
Renegades Seize the Day (Strike) Seize the Day Newsies (Film Version)
British Flag Fiesta Cubana Oye Gloria Estefan
Westonzoyland Heave Away Heave Away The Fables
Shambles Hell of a ride No Music at Bridgwater
Gremlins Feast of Fools Topsy Turvy Day Paul Kandel Hunchback of Notredame
Vagabonds Junglemania Baiana Barbatuques
Luckington Come on santa The Wurzles Come on Santa
Next Generation Wild West Riding alone Rednex
Honiton Young Farmers Built By Cowboys Cotton Eye Joe, Take me Home Country Roads
Marketeers Gold! (Got a Dream) I'm on my Way The Paul Masters Orchestra
Zem Le Baricade One Day More Les Miserables (Film)
Otters Dragon realm Vahalla Calling Miracle of Sound
Hot Rock The Rush Glitter and gold Barnes Courtney
Jesters Hot Hot Hot Hot Hot Hot Arrow
King William Jellicle Jellicle Songs for Jellicle Cats (Film)
Ipplepen Samba Samba de Janerio Belini
Mendip Vale End of the pier Walking on Sunshine Katrina & the Waves

Luckily there are lots of carnival shows available these days to fill your time with carnival music!
Bill Bevan Sedgemoor FM Wednesday 8pm
Johnny & Martin Apple Radio Thursday 7pm
Jeff Strawbridge Tone FM Sunday 6pm
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Re: 2022

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Pentathalon Traveling Funfair ?

Pentathlon seem to be playing a variety of tunes from Anderton & Rowland's Grand Fairground Organ (a Marenghi 98-key organ owned by the DeVey showman's family from Devon). They usually have CD's available to buy from the organ when it attends various steam rallies and events - https://www.facebook.com/argrandorgan/

(info from the other half whose hobbies are steam rallies, old vehicles and fairground organs - and he's also friends with the guy who looks after the organ for the DeVey family. He's also happy to be corrected though if he's misheard and it's actually another fairground organ!)
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